Rig 570, Complete

I participated in a writing project this summer run through www.thewritepractice.com

I had a good time with the project and met many new writers with hugely entertaining worlds and stories. I regret that I did not take the time to read more of what was present, but did pay faithful head to several stories in particular and moved in and out of several others as time permitted.

The project lasted 100 days and we are closing in on the end. Today is day 95 … I think. It started with a plan. This book plan helped cultivate a beginning, middle, and end and helped focus on the overarching plot prior to the start of tearing headlong into a convoluted story. I found it to be of immense help.

Each week we posted our writing’s progress and tried to pay attention to the details of our writing so that we stayed on task to complete our story in the time frame allotted. My word count target at the start of the project was in the area of 90k and I am in that area (@85k). We would also comment on other people’s stories and offer encouragement or point out plot gaps and the like.

So here I am, closing out the deal. I finished this morning and have a completed 1st draft of a Sci-Fi piece.

At the front end I wrote this as my Premise:

Casey, an asteroid miner in the Kuiper belt, discovers that his disdain for humanity and love of the solitary has limits when mining rig 570 comes under attack by the Martian Protectorate effectively cutting ties to Earth and the inner solar system for the handful of surviving miners scattered about the Rig’s operational zone and forcing him into the role of leader and insurgent, roles he thought long buried in his past.

And I am proud to say I stuck to it. I added a couple of characters as I went through that I hadn’t envisioned at the front end and one of them made such a splash that I turned her into a focal point of the story as well. She might actually be my favorite character, though I am partial to Casey.

I had to read up on the Kuiper Belt and life in space in general and am certain to find a trove of oddities when I go back to edit … where science, gravity, and reality have to tie together more firmly. That’s what edits are for though.



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