A Letter to Inspiration

Dear Daughter,

Did you know it was all for you? Did you know that the reason I started in the first place was that this was the career you wanted for yourself? I didn’t know how to help you. Your love, focus, and passion eluded me. In order to show you, in order to share with you, I needed to learn.

Sure, I could teach you to drag a bunt or slap-hit your way to first. I could show you how to tie a uni to uni knot. I could teach you how to wait for the fish to pick up the bait and what it feels like when they do. I could show you patience and persistence while working the same lure ceaselessly until the rod jars in your hand and your quarry takes off.

I could show you how to prep a roast or chops or fancy cut of meat for the grill, the oven, or the crockpot. I could teach you how to roast vegetables. Or blanch them. I could teach you what a soufflé is why so much care is needed in their making. I could teach you how to toss a pizza and prep the stone its cooked on and I could show you how to make a worthy pasta sauce, even if we don’t have the slightest touch of Italian in us.

But … I couldn’t show you how to write a query letter or write for purpose or passion. I haven’t any clue of the hurdles and pitfalls that await you until I go crashing through and falling into them.

I taught you baking well enough, and you make awesome cookies. You aren’t afraid of the complexities and nuances that are inherent with that strange culinary chemistry that is an art unto itself.

And yet, writing is your passion. Writing is your heart-song and vision in life. There are stories in you that you want to tell. How do I unlock them for you? Can you share them on your own? What story would you tell of beaches or far-away fallen kingdoms? Have you tried?

There isn’t any easy way for me to explain, you’re the English Major. I do Math. I don’t get any of that English stuff. Passive voice? I don’t even understand what that means. And I’ve tried. But all the descriptions come back to nouns and verbs and I don’t understand that either. For me, I have found that the simplest approach, the most direct and unadulterated path, is the one where you share.

Share the vision and the view, share the pain and the passion, share the edge of time and space, and dabble and dance along the rainbow. There is much you have that is worthy of words. You need only make the choice. My best advice for your journey forward?


Just write.





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