The Breath of Life

I posted a version of this over at and redid one of the stanza’s. While I name it The Breath of Life it is not an origin story or something dependent on deep thinking and pondering. It is less aggressively situated to take into account the different movements  of air. From a brisk fall breeze to the doldrums of summer or from the storm front’s gale to the quiet softness of a gentle movement of air, I try to use alliteration to get inside the different structures. You should hear leaves, feel the sun’s oppression, have your teeth rattled, and feel a gentle sigh. I hope, anyway.


Reveling in your brash

Rustling flora fills me

With the coolness present

In your rushing nature.


Sometimes you languish

Still and less loquacious

Leaving little more than a sigh

As you listlessly loll past.


Your tempestuous tumult

Tears at my soul’s temple

Terrifying me and turning my life

Into a twirling menacing mess.


And yet, conspiring in your presence

I continually appreciate your calm

And curl composed

In the palm of your caress.


By: KT Morley


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