The winds of November are coming

For the past few years, November has ushered in several writing challenges. I have at times tried one or the other, and on one occasion tried both. That last didn’t work particularly well.

The first of these challenges is NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). There are a number of helpful websites like this one that can set a foundation for working through the project. In general, the goal is to complete a novel in 30 days. The target word count is about 50k. And that is a serious commitment, make no mistake.

The second is a chap-book challenge via poems run by Robert Brewer here. In the next few weeks I expect to see information about the challenge and contest come forward. There are some exquisite poets on this site that have a brilliant way with words. And there are others whose connection to humanity and all its intricacies is so powerful as to leave one breathless. The challenge is to write a poem each day for a month. A prompt is provided and is generally tied into the verse of the poems people submit. The truly sublime can connect these different prompts into a month long theme and an undercurrent of connectedness in their writing. Again, that’s not me, but I can try.

I haven’t sorted which I will do yet. I would need a novel worthy idea, and I don’t have something in mind yet that I can expound upon for a month to the tune of 50k words. I prefer the story because I love the development of characters and their interactions. I did the poetry last year, though, and I had a really good time with it and learned a lot about myself as a writer through that process.

So cheers to you and whichever path you take. Have fun and create!


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