November 14th, The day before…

Tomorrow is the release of the Anthology Glass and Ashes. If you are just catching up or joining me now, this is my first endeavor into earning a living as a writer. A bold step for a mathematician, to be sure. Later today I will be running a character Bio for one of the stories contained in the Anthology. Also happy to engage some characteristics of my own retelling of the Cinderella story. To pique interest:

Ella’s husband passed her a family treasure on their wedding night. The night he was murdered. Ella now stands accused of his murder and imprisoned by her husband’s sister; a sister desperate to retrieve the heirloom for herself. Ella understands little of the gift, a swirling maelstrom of burning embers living inside her, but finds compassion in the form of an aging cleric who visits her prison cell to teach her what his order knows. The kingdom needs its rightful queen, but can Ella escape and waylay the machinations of the sister-in-law from hell? Will the fire inside her heed her call and aid her or will it turn all she touches while wearing its mantle to cinders?



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