KT Morley is new to authoring and the world of writing having spent twenty years conspiring to teach the youth of America about Algebra and the plight of a hopelessly lost X. He now manages his school’s Humanities department and has redefined himself, occasionally engaging his department’s classes in poetry and exploration of the written word. He has had several shorts published in ezines and recently published a short story in the Zimbell House Anthology, Poseidon’s Dream.

He continues to write and grow, challenging himself with story motifs at Writer’s Digest and Reedsy, exploring all manner of audience engagement. He strives to transport readers from their reality to his and entertains a slight edge to sci-fi over fantasy. He lives non-fiction and doesn’t feel a pressing need to write about it.


When not penning prose of some type, he enjoys a plethora of interests. A penchant for beer and food does seem to get the better of him most of the time.