3-19-2020 Coronavirused:

Home and waiting: March 19, 2020 I’ve never liked March. It’s long and blustery. Perhaps, if I lived in a warmer climate nearer the equator, it would be the best month of the year. I don’t. It isn’t. And now, I, and the world, are arm-wrestling coronavirus back into submission. My blog and bio boldly … Continue reading 3-19-2020 Coronavirused:

Death’s Sting Release Info

RELEASE UPDATE: Kindle Release of Death’s Sting—Where Art Thou? This Anthology, my second with Rogue Blades Entertainment, contains a collection of stories centering on immortals. The parameters in the submission call required our heroes to die and live another day, conquering Death’s sting. The Soldier, my story, centers on a tortured soul. Condemned by his … Continue reading Death’s Sting Release Info

The Liar’s Begining Writer’s Conference

October 16th, 2019 Win! My writer’s group, The Pocono Liars, had our writer’s conference last weekend (Oct 13). What a brilliant educational setting established by my friends and fellow authors. I attended Kelly Jensen’s seminar on world-building and enjoyed the detail and consistency Kelly used to talk about setting up your world. Kelly writes a … Continue reading The Liar’s Begining Writer’s Conference