12-9-19 Betwixt Holidays

12-9-19 In the mix. Ahh, that Holiday rush has gone full-court press. Isn’t that special? Not to be outdone, I’ve pressed back, getting a jump on my mostly-tepid approach to gift purchasing far earlier than normal. Usually, I have the help of my children to guide me through the nuances of appropriate package purchasing — … Continue reading 12-9-19 Betwixt Holidays

11-6-19 The Lesser of Two Evils

You ever have to make that choice? The horrible decision between bad and worse? A writing prompt I wrote for over at Writer's Digest asked its den of scribblers to pen prose around the very idea of deciding between Two Evils. I confess, I didn't have a great place to start on this, but went with … Continue reading 11-6-19 The Lesser of Two Evils

The Liar’s Begining Writer’s Conference

October 16th, 2019 Win! My writer’s group, The Pocono Liars, had our writer’s conference last weekend (Oct 13). What a brilliant educational setting established by my friends and fellow authors. I attended Kelly Jensen’s seminar on world-building and enjoyed the detail and consistency Kelly used to talk about setting up your world. Kelly writes a … Continue reading The Liar’s Begining Writer’s Conference